Mr. Paddy Treavor

Mr. Adam Chatburn

Mr. Chad  McCarthy

c/o Mr. Robert Catherall

Campaign for Real Ale Society of BC (CAMRA BC)


Dear Mr. Treavor et al:

Thank you for April 21, 2014 email concerning liquor serving sizes and glassware.

As you have pointed out in your letter, your association made a presentation to Parliamentary Secretary John Yap when you met with him last fall. Mr. Yap carefully considered your recommendations and ultimately decided to support many of the changes you had requested. He did not, however, support your recommendation to require approved and marked glassware. I concur with his position.

For public safety reasons a licenseeís terms and conditions guide states the maximum serving sizes that an individual or group of people may order at any one time. In addition, the licensee must have a list available showing drinks, drink sizes and prices. Beyond that, governmentís focus is not on the array of serving sizes found within the province.

Governmentís resources and focus lay heavily on public safety issues, such as over-crowding, minors accessing alcohol, public disturbance, illegal activities, and so forth. It would be a burden for provincial liquor inspectors and police to measure glassware in addition to their other duties. If a customer is not pleased with the service in an establishment, they have the choice of raising the issue with the licensee or taking their business to other bars or restaurants.

You have also raised the issue of liquor pricing. Please be advised that government is closely reviewing this matter and I thank you for your suggestions in this area.

Yours very truly,

Suzanne Anton QC

Attorney General

Minister of Justice