August 2015 Changes in BC liquor reform:

A month ago, a letter was sent to the Liberal government voicing our displeasure with the recent liquor reform, we got a response. Needless to say, it skirted the issue.
Recently the BC Liberal Party has implemented changes to BC liquor policy and to prices of craft beer which have negatively impacted the BC craft beer consumer causing prices of many of their favourite BC craft brews to increase by as much as 10%.
In response, the CAMRA BC Executive, of which Pres Paddy is a member, sent their thoughts to then head of BC Liquor policy, Justice Minister/Attorney General Suzanne Anton.
Below are the links  for both the CAMRA BC letter and government response.  (for letter and response).

We can say that there has been some recognition of the negative impact by
the BC Liberals. Since writing CAMRA BC sent their letter of displeasure
to Minister Anton, she has been replaced by Coraleee Oakes, MLA for
Cariboo North, and a review of the changes which have negatively impacted
both the craft beer industry and consumers alike are under review by
Parliamentary Secretary John Yap. In fact, Pres Paddy has been hearing
stories of Mr Yap contacting small craft breweries directly stating they
will "fix the problems".
To read more about this subject, check out Pres Paddy's personal blog,
VanEast Beer Blog, where he unloaded on the recent BC Liberal price hike
for craft beer.

There are also currently, several active CAMRA BC campaigns.
(click on beer glass for more information).

Press Release  re: FUSS, 21st April 2014  

Letter to Ms C Clark (Premier) re: updates on the FUSS Campaign, 17th April 2014 

Fess Up to Serving Sizes (FUSS). 

Bring your own craft beer (BYOCB).

Save the growler. 

Application to sell liquor in Savary Island general store.  

Political agenda's:

CAMRA BC Liquor Policy Review Submission, Sept 24th, 2013 

BC Legislature Meeting, March 11th, 2013