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2017 CAMRA Powell River AGM

This is official notice that the 2017 CAMRA Powell River Annual General Meeting will take place Feb 25, 2017, 2-4 PM at the Red Lion Pub, located at 5987 Lund St, Powell River. The AGM is open to all members in good standing of the CAMRA Powell River Branch.
No RSVP is necessary. Voting for the 2017 executive will take place at the AGM.

Please forward any agenda items you would like to discuss at the AGM to before Feb 01, 2017.

Nominations for CAMRA Powell River Executive:

The nomination period for the 2017 Campaign for Real Ale Society of BC - Powell River Branch Executive is officially open.  The following seats on the CAMRA Powell River Executive for the 2017 year are up for election:

Vice President
Events coordinator
Homebrewing Liaison (running homebrew club)

Nominations will close at midnight Feb 23, 2017. To nominate someone or be nominated, you must be a member in good standing (valid, paid membership) with the CAMRA Powell River Branch. To nominate yourself or others, please e-mail before midnight on Feb 23rd, 2017. Those nominated will be contacted to confirm their acceptance of the nomination.

Voting, if necessary, will take place at the 2017 CAMRA Powell River AGM. If you have any questions about the positions, please contact Pres Paddy who can fill you in on responsibilities and duties of the positions.

Hope to see you there as it will be a chance to see off Pres Paddy who is stepping down to allow the next generation of CAMRA Powell River leadership to take over.

Exclusive Member Discounts:

We are pleased to announce that the following establishments are offering CAMRA members exclusive discounts to show their love for CAMRA Powell River.  
In each establishment you must show your valid CAMRA membership card.  

  The Lighthouse Pub and Liquor Store in Sechelt is giving 10% off all Craft Beers and Ciders  to CAMRA members , 7 days a week.

The Rodmay liquor store is now offering a 5% discount off all craft beers and ciders to all CAMRA members.

The Red Lion Pub is giving 10% off all Craft Draught/Bottled beers and Craft Cider served in the bar to CAMRA                                      members.  This applies to all opening hours, 7 days a week.

Coastal Cookery are offering an exclusive "Happy Hour" deal on all craft beers between
                                                 7-00pm and 9-00 pm every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Duke's Liquor Store, 4493 Marine Avenue is now offering CAMRA members a 5% discount off all
                              Craft beers.

Capone's Liquor Store, at the corner of  Duncan and Joyce, is now offering members a 5%
                                discount off all craft beer purchases.



The Campaign for Real Ale Society (CAMRA) of British Columbia was incorporated in 1990 as a registered, non-profit organization in the Province of British Columbia. CAMRA BC is an independant, voluntary, consumer advocacy organization whose main objective is to champion the cause of the BC craft beer consumer through the promotion and responsible consumption of craft beers brewed with natural, quality ingredients.

Membership is open to all over the age of 19 and is currently made up of over 1400 individual and corporate members. CAMRA BC members are an eclectic group, made up of people from every walk of life but who all share one passion - the appreciation of craft beers, specifically the world-class, award-winning craft beers being brewed here in British Columbia.

CAMRA BC is growing and opening up branches throughout the province and currently has five active branches, those being Fraser Valley, South Fraser, Victoria, Vancouver and Powell River.

CAMRA BC aims to:

  • encourage the appreciation and production of craft beers, whether they are cask–conditioned, draft or packaged (bottles & cans), which are brewed with natural, pure, additive–free ingredients in traditional and/or new, creative beer styles and flavours 
  • notify our members and the general public about quality bottle shops, brew pubs, neighbourhood pubs, restaurants and micro breweries in British Columbia
  • to support quality home brewing
  • advocate for changes to liquor laws and policies that negatively impact the BC craft beer consumer and BC craft beer industry
  • encourage the responsible enjoyment of beer and actively support laws and regulations that contribute to that objective.

Powell River CAMRA:

Ex-CAMRA Vancouver branch president, Paddy Treavor, recently moved to Powell River and was impressed with the small-but-loyal group of craft beer lovers he found here and their support of the local craft brewery Townsite Brewery who are producing award-winning, craft beers which have captured the attention of and ignited a sense of adventure and enthusiasm to explore different beer styles and flavours among local beer drinkers.
One of those local craft beer lovers is Bernie Hodges, who,
along with Bernie's wife Debbie, are friends with Paddy and who helped convince Paddy that Powell River is the place to live.  Once Paddy made the decision  to move his family to Powell River, he, along with Bernie and Debbie, decided to form a local CAMRA branch to help support the local craft beer revolution.

On August 9, 2013, just two months after Paddy and his family arrived in town, Paddy, Bernie and Debbie received the go-ahead from CAMRA BC to form CAMRA BC - Powell River and the local branch was launched!
First and foremost, CAMRA Powell River aims to support the local craft beer scene, but as a branch of CAMRA BC, will support the aims and goals of CAMRA BC its branches. CAMRA Powell River pledges to help educate local consumers, the hospitality industry and  politicians about craft beer and the advantages of supporting our thriving BC craft beer industry. We plan to do so through supporting local establishments who serve craft beer, by supporting and organizing local craft-beer-focused events, by relaying craft-beer-related news and articles to our membership, by supporting the local homebrewing community and by advocating on behalf of craft beer consumers to change local and BC liquor policies and laws that negatively impact craft beer consumers while supporting those policies and laws that help protect both consumers and the BC craft beer industry.

Introducing some of the Powell River Executive:

 Paddy,  is now entering his third term as president of the CAMRA Powell River branch and has been in the position since helping found the branch with his mate and fellow CAMRA member, Bernie Hodges.  In 2013 when Paddy moved to Powell River he saw the opportunity to bring together the passionate local craft beer community of Pow Town.  Paddy's involvement with CAMRA BC began in 2010 when he finally joined the Vancouver branch, after being involved with the craft beer scene for over a decade, and within eight months he found himself in the president's seat of the Vancouver branch.  Paddy is well known for stirring the pot, via CAMRA and his VanEast Beer Blog, and advocating for changes to BC liquor policies that negatively impact BC craft beer consumers and more recently has begun writing a column, Coastal Currents, for the rejuvenated What's Brewing magazine.

Bernie,  former secretary and now membership liason for CAMRA BC - Powell River, he was a part of the original CAMRA United Kingdom movement in 1972 and, having grown up in England, was brought up drinking real ales and experiencing the different styles and flavours of brews in traditional, English pubs, which are not just a way of life but form the centre of village/town communities. Bernie, and his wife Debbie, who was the  treasurer, immigrated to Squamish, BC in 2006 and found their way, over five years ago, to Powell River, which at that time, was pre-Townsite Brewery, i.e. a craft-beer wasteland. Now both Bernie and Debbie are proud to be a part of the current BC craft beer revolution, working on behalf of the BC craft beer consumer via CAMRA BC - Powell River.

Heidi is the Event Co-Ordinator for CAMRA Powell River. She has been a craft beer enthusiast since before craft beer became trendy. Her father practiced making his own beer for many years when she was a young adult and introduced her to bold flavoured beers that usually packed a punch.
Working in multiple restaurants and bars over the past 25 plus years as a server/bartender, then moving into management, she has always been submerged in the scene and has gained more knowledge on the craft beer evolution. She enjoys building craft beer menu’s that are full of personality and attitude.
She now owns a Juice Bar in Powell River but still enjoys submerging herself in the craft beer scene. As the Event Co-Ordinator Heidi loves throwing events to bring like minded people together to enjoy amazing beer and food.
Although she enjoys the bold flavours of a hoppy IPA like Fat Tug from Driftwood Brewery, her 'go to' beer after a long day is a cold Zunga from Townsite Brewery.

Drew   is the Vice President for CAMRA Powell River.  He had a passion for craft beer long before realizing there was a group advocating on his behalf. Growing up in Ontario meant few high-quality beers to choose from, but they were available, and he sought them out. Since moving to Powell River in 2010, the craft beer scene in Powell River and all throughout BC has exploded, and Drew couldn't be happier about it. Eager to support the promotion of craft beer locally and throughout the province, he's always willing to talk beer or brewing, preferably over a pint.